Final Fuel Tank version

Die finale Version des Tanks ist mittlerweile produziert und für die Anpassungsarbeiten vorbereitet. Wenn das jetzt alles passt, dann können wir in die Kleinserienfertigung einsteigen ;-) und das ganze aus Metall auflegen.

168_20160411_114502_1 168_20160411_114425_1 168_20160411_114347_1 168_20160411_114332_1

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One Comment

  1. Wow, what you guys are doing is brilliant.
    It looks awesome and the manual labour, and craftsmanship is impressive.

    I have the ugly duck in my stables and am looking for a luggage-rack like yours had when it came in. Any idea where to get that? Givi, Hepco & Becker, SW-motech, nobody makes anything for this bike.

    Hope to hear from you. Could always us the help.

    Kind regards and merry christmas!


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