The TEAM counts!

Such a project can only be worked out together with a good portion of optimism and intrepidness – with enthusiasm ! Enthusiasm for a mate and a bike ! All those characteristics have been proven by our subscribers of the very first minute, when they developed together the idea in December 2013 – exactly 40 years after the presentation – to bring the legendary model 3 ½ to the new millennium. Therefore we thank all those, who got involved with whatever a contribution. Without their uncomplicated support the project 9 ½ S Sbezziale would have never been brought in the phase of realisation. Update 1172014: We weren’t able to meet the due date “Glemseck 101“  :-( , nevertheless we’re still working hard making our dream come true!

The project is supported by enthusiasts on a solely private basis. This is done by money or other fulfillments without any aim on achieving a benefit. The common ambition is, to realize this bike and to be refunded on a possible future sale – but there is no guarantee for this. As we have no corporate form we name the supporters “spareholder”,, just to prevent misunderstandings. As the spare supply is a blazing theme for Morinisti, this word construction seemed to be best suited. It isn’ t clear yet at all, if the “bella macchina” will be really sold out of the circle of obstericians .

Our subscibers of the very first minute:

  • Norbert Schütt
  • Raymond Hamaker
  • Peter Jansen
  • Andreas Ohlemacher
  • Ralf Schäfer
  • Andreas Hofmann
  • Ralf Rohde
  • Achim Stollberg
  • Horst Anschütz
  • Dirk Gramse
  • Ingo Kloos
  • Reinhard Arnold
  • Frank Dziersk
  • Torsten Lehnert
  • Gunar Keindorf
  • Harald Freunbichler
  • Uwe Bareiß
  • Michael Wehe
  • Norbert Raab
  • Götz Hoffmann
  • Harry Pflüger
  • Erhard Franzreb
  • Bernd Hoerr
  • Jost Beckmann
  • Rob Geubel
  • Rainer Lenz
  • Michael Brauer
  • Martin Gmeiner
  • Ulrich Vierfuß
  • Pedro  Ugarte
  • Dieter Hoffmann
  • Heinz Rauch
  • Armin Prinke
  • Mathias Ulrich
  • Thomas Fuchs
  • Markus Mundt
  • Gerhard Schuster
  • Michael Würtz
  • Helmut Gohlisch
  • Harald Resch
  • Vicente Navarro
  • Dirk Runkel
  • Georg Theobald
  • Thorsten Scholz
  • Frank Gerke
  • Christiane Weihtag
  • Torsten Jur
  • Søren Høyer Hansen + friends
  • Reinhard Lackner

… you can be part of the project! Contact us under: spareholder [at] sbezziale [dot] de