The Story of the Ugly Duckling and the Swan

This is the basis of our project. Reinhard and Andreas picked her up in Italiy and brought her to Germany, where Rico took her over and continued to Axel in Delmenhorst. Can we start now ? Principally yes, but as this is a project based solely on private initiative a bit of patience will be necessary. And if things are going as smoothly, like the acquisition and the transport, everything is going green.

The comparison between the duckling and the swan mentioned before isn’t perfectly right, that wouldn’ t really come up to the bike. I have seen some nice 9 ½ and it stands beyond question that this bike exhibits something. But here we came to a crucial point. It isn’t enough that the bike exhibits something ! When the name 9 ½ stood in discussion, the sensors of the Morinisti started to vibrate and their eyes to shine. Everyone thought it was wonderful. A successful reminescence to a legendary design was awaited, nothing else than a perfect concept. Slim, elegant, sporty, powerful and with a real burner sound. In comparison to this the original 9 ½ is fat, chunky, sedate (ok, thanks to Lambertini) and the Scrambler has, as far as I know, a better sound.

The disappointment was huge, as the 9 ½ became reality. Not because it is an ugly bike, but solely because it isn’ t charming. And the sad (or amusing) is, that you have to imagine ist, like the carrot in front of the donkeys mouth !

© by Oberdan Bezzi – Moto Morini Sport – 10/2006

© by Oberdan Bezzi – Moto Morini Sport – 10/2006

Naturally the design of Oberdan Bezzi is well known in the scene ! And appreciated ! Although you could have omitted the windshield in the first place. The new owners were not able to bring themselves to favourize a 9 ½ Retro and to produce it. It could have been so nice. The Bezzi design is oriented on the classical line of the 3 ½, takes up the form in an ideal way and transports the classic into the new millennium. Although it remained a dream !

This dream – this carrot – is as severely causing daydreams to the scene, that it came to this project. We want to bring the Bezzi design on the road. We want the lines of the 9 ½ like those of our beloved 3 ½. And we want a fat engine in it ! We are not nostalgics who want to turn back time ! No, it has to be a moden bike, with all the goodies such a bike needs today. Not more and not less. Although we are thinking more of “less” ;-) There is still a definite difference between “naked bikers” and “purists”. Here we represent more the purist fraction – just with historic bond !

Particularly remarkable in this project ist the reunion between old and young. Not only concerning the age, but more related to the V2 model we have under our asses. The scrap metal drivers and the big bikers unite, which is not only nice but rather uncommon ! Whoever knows motorbike meetings where scrap metal drivers and the big bikers of a mate are equally represented, respect each other and meet with curiosity and frankness. This is quite an exception, but usual between the Morinisti, which is proved by this wonderful project. Without the respect and the love for the old line we wouldn’ t exist !

The fact that it’ s exactly 40 years since the presentation of the 3 ½ in 1973, is just a nice coincidence ! But that’s it, something very special ! Probably … something magical ? It will rely more on Axels and our skills that magic. But if we succeed to finish the bike and present it at Glemseck 101 I promise you a red swan !

Update: 11/2014: Es ist uns leider nicht gelungen, das Bike zum Glemseck 101 fertigzustellen, wie ihr sicher alle schon mitbekommen habt. Die Tankform und die Sitzbank sowie die notwendigen 3D-Übersetzungen der bisher ausschließlich in 2D vorliegenden Designbilder hat sich als deutlich langwieriger/aufwändiger offenbart, als ursprünglich erhofft. Nun gut, Probleme sind dazu da, behoben zu werden! Und das tun wir! Und 2015 ist auch ein tolles Jahr, um die Bella auf die Straße zu lassen. So stay tuned!

© by Oberdan Bezzi, finished by

© by Oberdan Bezzi, finished by “Making of a 9 1/2 S Sbezziale” in 2014

And this is how the result shall look like !