The Story behind the Project

We are in December 2013, when some inspired Morinisti decided to bring the mighty 3 ½ from 1973 to the new millennium. The dream: to transfer the legendary design to a modern bike. A bike with 117 HP instead of 35 HP, with 1187 cc instead of 344 cc – but with an engine still descending from the brilliant Franco Lambertini.

P1020179_800_600_gk.pngInitial concerns, if the project could be realized in technical and creative way, could quickly be dispelled with intense discussions and exchange on our In the beginning of January 2014 the first considerations were taken on buying a basis, but already at the end of the month a 9 ½ was bought in Italy and transported in a concerted action by aid of some participants to Axel in Delmenhorst, our technical leader.

Starting in February Axel will make the model of the fuel tank and elaborate the correct fit. If this is done to our satisfaction and the design is harmonious the rear frame will be cut. This the point of no return. At least not without major actions, as the friends of the technical homologation will surely not easily appreciate a short rear 9 ½.


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