Without help and support a project like this naturally can’ t be completed. There is work to do like milling or lasing, lacquering or powder coating… the tasks are various. We are very glad, that we could obtain supporters and sponsors for this unique project, who contribute with know how, material, contacts or just good ideas.

Our sincere thanks go to:

MASS Moto synX HAW Hamburg – Department Fahrzeugtechnik und Flugzeugbau MMB Messtechnik ist ein Unternehmen der Pulsotronic GmbH & Co. KG

If you want to contribute too, write us an email to making-of [at] sbezziale [dot] de, and tell us how/what you can redound. Thank you !

If you are from the press and need any informations on the project please contact us on presse [at] sbezziale [dot] de. We will reply as soon as possible !