Spareholder Value !

Things really went quickly ! Initial concerns, if such a project would be financeable and if enough scrap iron drivers could be found to raise the necessary amount of 5.000 – 7.000 €, were rapidly spread. You can’ t achieve such a project – unless you have a cash cow in the garden ! After the appeal in the forum could acquire the first subscribers it developed very fast !

In the meantime we are quite over 5.000 € and there are no more barriers for the project, at least for the beginning ! If we can get it with the available money, if the technical alterations can be homologated, if the time line fits… all this well be cleared within the next months. But we are of good will and optimistic, that our project becomes reality !

The spareholder value doesn’ t mean a hope to increase our retirement benefits with this bike, but rather to set up a bike, which is unique, which was made by Morinisti for Morinisti. Should it ever get on the road, our spareholder value will at least be doubled !

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