The design is fixed !

In terms of design there isn’ t much to decide, because principally it’ s fixed. The draft from Oberdan Bezzi was slightly refined and adapted, to really get it round and to reflect entirely the timeless elegance of the legendary 3 ½. … tbc …


Spareholder Value !

Things really went quickly ! Initial concerns, if such a project would be financeable and if enough scrap iron drivers could be found to raise the necessary amount of 5.000 – 7.000 €, were rapidly spread. You can’ t achieve such a project – unless you have a cash cow in the garden ! After […]


The Website is generated !

At the beginning Günni and me started a private discussion about the impact of professional marketing. ….It would have the advantage that it would be easier or respectively better to embed sponsors and others. I have built and arranged a homepage on my server – thanks to WordPress. In the meantime Reinhard and Andreas will […]