Milestone 1 finished!

Our first milestone is achieved. The exhaust and headers are ready and look rather well. The co-operation with MassMoto – the italian factory – was a pleasure, always competent and friendly in communication. All our request and questions were either rapidly answered or immediately implemented in the product. As we experienced, the people at Mass work […]

Alumodell Tank Unterbau

The fuel tank arises!

Axel has finished the aluminium tank bottom. We hope that the (more interesting) outside of the tank will soon follow. The 3D-design was prepared by one of Axel’s friends. As soon as the tank is tackled we can get started at the rear – much simpler than the tank – we hope!



Es geht weiter bei unserem Krümmer und den Endtöpfen. Nachdem die erste gezeigte Fassung vom Durchmesser der wendeten Rohre her zu klein dimensioniert war  – es waren 45er anstatt vereinbarter 56er min. – haben die Jungs von MassMoto das ganze noch mal neu aufgebaut. Haben die die erste Variante als Test gebaut? Wäre nachvollziehbar, weiß […]


Front Fender

Ebi has visualized different variants of the front fender. The discussion in our community wether short or long seems to be a question of the origin. The scrap iron drivers rather prefer the long version, the big bikers the short one. I personally prefer the solution in between, the medium version ! We are thinking […]


What do YOU think?

What do YOU think about a kit ? We have been asked from different parties – or shall we say “requested” – to realize a kit. Obviously the design is as pleasing, that many of you could chum up with a kit. For a better strategy we would like to know your opinion. Are there […]


Ace bars and Cockpit

Right now we are reflecting about which ace bars we could use, because clamp width and height are not really trivial. Similarly we have different options for the cockpit ! And also the other stuff like foot rests, brakes, …. has to become concrete. Sorry for the image quality !



We took off the pretty tight-fitting clothes – she looks quit naked after the courtyard strip ! For joke we have added some Morini typical custom parts and I have to say: it’ s gonna work ! We inspected her from all sides and couldn’ t find anything alarming. But assure yourself !

Deutsche Morini-Szene

A Word about the German Morini Scene

Although, or even because Morinis ever had an exotic status, a faithful fan base developed pretty early, especially for the V2 models, which can be considered derivatives of the 3 ½, which went on sale in 1973. Due to the revolutionary technology at it’s times (first serial bike with toothed belt controlled distribution and 6-speed […]


There she is, the basis !

Yesterday I’ve allready posted a picture, today I can post some more extras. Andreas and Reinhard were on the road to transfer the 9 1/2 to Andreas at Taunus in a first step. With a little help from Rico it goes directly to Axel to Delmenhorst. She is at her final destination now waiting to […]

Die Basis!

The basis has been bought !

Suddenly all happened very quickly with our basis ! First we had planned to go to Italy next week… has been pulled forward. It seems that some can’ t await to start. The first picture of our “bella macchina” – although she’ s still the duckling !


We’ll buy the basis!

In the next days the team of Reinhard and Andreas will go to Italy and acquire our basis. The transport will take place in a station wagon until the Odenwald, afterwards like a relay to Delmenhorst. Rico has offered to assume this and we are very happy. Axel is already waiting impatiently to start the […]