After the first designs from Hamburg we have been playing with the rear view of the tank. Opinions differ on how the final look must be and wath the exact curves of the tank should look like, but the beauty of digital design is that it can be changed almost instantly.


Fuel Tank Design

Real progress has been made in Hamburg! We received the latest developments where bottom and top of the tank  are presented as a unit. This gives us a good impression of the possible final shape of the tank. A few details still need to be addressed (ingnition lock, top tank curvature),  but the first results […]


Shape of fuel tank evolving

As we speak, the first rough design is made in 3D and we are now going into more detail. Overall, the tank shape needs a bit more rounding – especially when viewed from the rear. A little more “curve” and it will become a very sexy tank!  When we are done we can finally determine […]


Early 3D-Shapes

Our man in Hamburg showed us the first 3D-Models. They are proof that we can achieve a tank that will be very close to the original Bezzi-Design.  The original shape is easily recognizable and when we are in luck with the resulting tank capacity, a major stepstone is achieved. See here:


CAD-data – Lower side of fuel tank

Our Sbezzialists at the HaW – Hamburg are realizing the first complex tank shapes. On the news front we can welcome Willi, a Master-Student at the HaW as fourth member of our Sbezzialist teamt. He will design a tank-seat model based on the Bezzi drawing. Illustration zu gestalten. Stefans collegue, Prof. J. Friedhoff, will support […]


Strange Geometry?

The Sbezzialists from the HaW – Hamburg have been asking themselve, this strange geometry? What is it good for? Quiet easy: nothing!


The Time has come!

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Magnetic side covers

Supercool ! We want to build magnetic side covers for our Sbezziale. Dismantling and assembly will be possible without any tools or screws, just a supercool affair ! Harry has constructed a first dummy and has comtemplated, how it could work with neodym magnets. A really clever solution we think. Now it’ s on fine […]


Spoke wheels

9 1/2 S with spoke wheels – what a pleasure ! We got a picture from the master himself (Oberdan Bezzi) of his design with spoke wheels and have “integrated” it in our slightly modified Sbezziale. Even the new exhaust has been considered, slowly the optical aspect is cristallizing. It’ s going to be a […]


Model of the Fuel Tank

It’ s going on ! Sorry for the long period of “non-reporting”, but there have been some major changes. We’ ve had some changes in our team after some problems with coordination and are hoping to proceed with the fuel tank, the main task. Stefan has overtaken the duty and is performing the first basic […]



Here are the picture of the E-homologation number. Important to avoid problems with our friends, the police. We need to finish the last details ourselves: lambda connector(s) and adapt the mapping to the new exhaust for optimal performance on the dyno. So almost tutto completto! Just to be complete: the bike on the soundfile  is […]


The Sound of Silencers!

We do not like to repeat ourselves, but gladly make an exception: “We asked MassMoto to send us a soundfile?  Would be great, otherwise a long wait until the machine runs back in Germany” The guys at MassMoto were happy to fulfill our every wish – a soundfile was sent quickly. Unfortunately not very long…. Hear for […]