Chopped Rear Frame

It took some time, but there have been made extensive changes on the frame. Stefan has transformed the 3D model into reality and now there is no “way back”. The last part of the frame was cut, which necessitates a downward cross beam in the last bay. At first the form was realized with cardboard […]


Front and rear fender

We have been looking for adequate fenders for some time…look there, martins are looking quite good ! Wir haben schon länger nach passenden Fendern gesucht… und siehe da, Martins sehen eigentlich echt gut aus!


Test Drive

Martin has done the first test drive with the new tank to check the leak tightness among other. The first 200 km have been done..a slight amount of petrol lost at the filler cap. No problem, will be solved. Furthermore you can see that the form of the 3D model had to be adapted in […]


Aluminum Fuel Tank

We are making big steps forward with our tank model and are excited about the appearance. The adapted (narrower) form is real Moto Morini Style, the genes are definitely recognizeable.


Sbezziale vs. Bezzi

If you compare the two design variants of the Sbezziale and the one from Mr. Bezzi you see at once, that Mr. Bezzi didn’ t have to bother about the fuel pump unit. This is the main reason, why the Bezzi style can’t be completely realized. Furthermore the seat has to begin at a higher […]


New bent edges

The tank now has got bent edges, otherwise it’ s appearance would be too chunky and voluminous. Now all has become a bit narrower and lighter, the seat has still to be adapted to the new height.


The fuel tank gets narrower

Stefan has adapted the so long chunky form of the petrol tank and made it a bit narrower. Despite of the expense of volume the design is assisted. At the beginning there was a problem with a collision between tank and frame, which could be solved in the meantime.


Sound Check Sbezziale Silencers

The 35. International Moto Morini Meeting @Neulussheim from 05.-07.06.2015 offered the perfect environment to present our first prototypes. We composed the fuel tank model, mounted the seat, affixed the side covers and put the exhaust system into operation (which are not really silent). It has a real burner sound ! We will present a longer […]


Side covers

I have simulated the side covers ! It is a color print out with the Sbezziale logo and then all cut out. Let’s see how it fits !


Leather seat

Frenzy ! Thge prototype of the leather seat is already done… can’t believe it ! Stefan says the bucket is a bit high, but this doesn’ t matter for the moment ! On basis of these models and prototypes we will be able to decide well, which changes and adaptions will have to be made.