From 344 ccm up to 1187 ccm in 40 Years !

Engine 350The engine, the heart of our project, was already “state of the art” in 1973. The father of this technical masterpiece is Franco Lambertini, who presented this new development in 1971 in context with the new 3 ½. The 3 ½ had a 72°-V-twin, for the fist time there was an electronic ignition and a 6-speed gearbox in a series-bike. The Heron combustion chamber and the toothed belt driving the central cam shaft are mentionable. The 344 cc engine hat 35 HP in the touring version and even 39 HP in the sport model. The touring model l 3 ½ T came on the market in 1973, one year later followed the sport version 3 ½ S. The torquey and durable engine was constantly refined, but the main concept remained the same over the years. It was used until 1991 in differing displacement and performance variants, up to a prototype with 478 cc and turbocharging. As successor of the 1975 discontinued Corsaro models the 125H was presented, it’s engine a halved 3 ½ engine with adapted bore and stroke dimensions. (vgl.).

9 1/2 engineEven the new bialbero corsa corta derives from the pen of Franco Lambertini, who understands to cleverly construct efficient engines without complicating them. On December 2nd, 2004 Franco Morini presented two new models on the Motor Show Bologna , who were to be produces in the new factory in Casalecchio di Reno under the name of Moto Morini. The heart of those new Morinis is an extraordinary engine – analogous to the longtime Morini tradition. Cylinders and block are casted as one stiff piece. There is no bolt connections and gaskets at the cylinder foot are obsolete and the cylinder barrel can easily be extracted and changed. The big side covers ensure extraordinary maintainability. The gear drive and even the crankshaft can easily be withdrawn sidewards.
With two beer mat sized pistons (107 mm), double over head cams and steep valves the extremely short stroked engine has an extraordinary spontaneous response, years before Ducati with the Panigale, without ever loosing it’s countenance. The engines come to application in two different versions in the various Morini models. In Scrambler, Granpasso, 9 ½, 1200 Sport and Corsaro Avio with 117 respectively 120 HP and in the Corsaro in an increased-power version with a revised cylinder head, sharper camshalfts and an additional oil cooler with 140 HP. The engine is the cream puff of all Morinis from nowadays and an experience of the particular way ! Not only the power figures are impressive, but the way the torque is served. How nice this engine – as long as the set up is well done – pulls smoothly from 2000 revs, to easily apply a 100 Nm on the crankshaft at 3000 revs, to top at around 125 Nm and to burn a real firework at higher revs unto the rev limiter, is extraordinary in this class. All accompanied by an inimitably V2-sound, which goes from a dull drumming up to an aggressive trumpeting – this isn’ t available off the shelf of mass producers, this is pure emotion and leads you immediately to check your bank balance after a first test ride.