No copy ! A new Original with the Claim for Legend !

9 ½ ! Those signs were and are a commitment to the legendary model. Although the engine has now 1187 ccm and not like at it’s time 344 ccm the name fits perfectly ! Now !

Neuer Entwurf in Anlehnung zum Original

Neuer Entwurf in Anlehnung zum Original

Actually the original 9 ½ hasn’ t inherited much of the timeless elegance of the 3 ½. If you look at the design studies of Mr. Bezzi, it is a pity how little of it is recognizable in the actual series models, only the Corsaro is pretty close. You could have wished more courage for an edged design for the restart of Morini, less of orientation on the mainstream and if edgeless, at least orientation towards the original ! This chance had been lost at the time…we will make it up !

It’ s no question that the 3 ½ is a legend ! The line and the form of the 3 ½ was unreached for decades, until it should come to a revival of the classic. Oberdan Bezzi presented his design of a 9 ½ and the scene was electrified. Even if the drafts were not perfect, it would have been possible to develop a true and worthy successor for the small 3 ½. The form and the proportions were correct, the appearance was exhilarating and the name 9 ½ left fantasy free play. Unfortunately this design wasn’ t implemented, to regret of the old Morinisti. The new owners of the make Moto Morini set more on mainstream and afterwards on extravagance – recognizable in the new Rebello !

Many Morinisti were not willing to accept this and quarreled with the new model strategy. 2013, in December, it happened, that a small group of German Morinisti started a daring discussion on THE forum – – with the program giving title: Retro 9 ½ with 3 ½ optics. There was a concentration of drivers from 9 ½, Corsaro 1200, Granpasso and Scrambler, which were previously active in their own model fora and the scrap iron drivers from the 3 ½ fraction, the Settebello, the Corsarino, the Corsaro 125, 175, 250 and 500. Surprisingly a common opinion concerning the topic developed quickly. The drivers of the new models hoped for an advancement and the scrap iron drivers hoped for the revitalization of their long desired wish. The remake of a 3 ½ in a modern and powerful version.

© by Oberdan Bezzi, finished by

The design was clear in advance, it had to be the one from Oberdan Bezzi. In the meantime some years had gone since the presentation of his draft in 2004 and he had refined his concept and approached it to the original. It looked breathtaking and it was clear to all: like that or nothing ! Although it belongs to the typical characteristics of Morinisti, to think outside the box and not to fraternise with the first idea. There still was further optimization potential in the design. The rear end had to be shortened to realize a pure one seater. Also the 5 spoke carbon wheels would fit a retro look and were replaced by some conventional spoke wheels from the original 9 ½. The most remarkable change was the tank form. The original design hat a shabby gap between fuel tank and headset, which wasn’t present on the original – one reason for the compact appearance of the 3 ½. At last the exhausts had to be replaced by something more classical and they were raised, parallel to the rear end line and provide a sportier look.

The bike is a real eye candy in it’s planned form and absolutely coherent concerning form and proportions. The curved line of the early 3 ½ Sport with the American seat version is almost identical. If this bike could be realized like it is presented here – only the technical homologation could prevent it – we are sure, to have laid the foundation for a new legend. A legend which is proud of it’ s origin and self confident enough, to look for individuality and find it. From the mass of many – almost indistinguishable – big bikes this design will pleasantly differ. It will attract attention and infatuate; all properties for a future legend !