Sbezziale vs. Bezzi

If you compare the two design variants of the Sbezziale and the one from Mr. Bezzi you see at once, that Mr. Bezzi didn’ t have to bother about the fuel pump unit. This is the main reason, why the Bezzi style can’t be completely realized. Furthermore the seat has to begin at a higher […]


New bent edges

The tank now has got bent edges, otherwise it’ s appearance would be too chunky and voluminous. Now all has become a bit narrower and lighter, the seat has still to be adapted to the new height.


The fuel tank gets narrower

Stefan has adapted the so long chunky form of the petrol tank and made it a bit narrower. Despite of the expense of volume the design is assisted. At the beginning there was a problem with a collision between tank and frame, which could be solved in the meantime.