Stefans speed is really impressing and we are all much obliged for his dedication. First he has covered the seat with fabric and then generates the pattern for the leather. Like it looks we will get a real impression of our efforts next saturday ! REALLY COOL !


Seat prototype

Stefan can’ t be slowed in his kick and is already working on the prototype of the seat. Therefore the old seat had been dismantled and the base plate was used as basic size for the prototype. There will be a lot to discuss ;.)


Intersection fuel tank – seat

The intersection between fuel tank and seat has been created by Stefan in traditional craftmanship in card board ! We will have to discuss a lot at the meeting. It really will be exciting.


Electronic Wizard!

Ebi is our god of electronics ! He prepared the PCB, in order to use instruments in a round classical look with analogue needles.


Narrow hips!

Stefan has already incorporated a narrower outflow, the form results defintely much sportier. We are all curious how the tank looks in reality, because so far only Harry hat the pleasure to hold the tank in his hands. Narrow booty


That’s 3D ! Real analog 3D !

In principle there are no words to express, what this prototype means for our project ! Our gratitude appertains to Stefan and Harry, who has imported Stefans data to the milling machine. A perfect result, now it will be painted and at the meeting our Morini community will be able to hold the object of […]


Milling the 3D-Model

Harry has undertaken the milling. He has imported the data and is in preparations, to get our tank to reality.


Fuel tank almost finished

The tank model has almost been finished, we will present a fingerable model at the 35. International Moto Morini Meeting !!! Then we will continue with side covers and seat bench. After the rather stringy progress in the last few month, we regain the speed again.