18 l !

Stefan had a closer look at the positioning of the fuel-pump in relation to the rear cylinder head. The fuel couplings are only 20mm way from the head, so precision is needed. As a side result, he was able to determine – as a rough guideline – what the expected capacity will be. Drumroll, Tadaa: […]


The fuel reserve problem

Driving up- or downhill can cause problems with the fuel supply. The fuel-pump should be correctly positioned, making sure that fuel instead of air is pumped to the injectors. By the way, the reserve in the tank is determined by an integrated switch in the fuel-pump unit. At the moment, several solutions are discussed on […]


Ignition Lock

Also the ignition lock needs a proper solution. The german TÜV is especially keen on a properly functioning steering lock.


Shape is getting real!

Slowly the tank-shape is becoming a reality. During Christmas and  early January, the Sbezzialists of the  HaW Hamburg have made great progress.