After the first designs from Hamburg we have been playing with the rear view of the tank. Opinions differ on how the final look must be and wath the exact curves of the tank should look like, but the beauty of digital design is that it can be changed almost instantly.


Fuel Tank Design

Real progress has been made in Hamburg! We received the latest developments where bottom and top of the tank  are presented as a unit. This gives us a good impression of the possible final shape of the tank. A few details still need to be addressed (ingnition lock, top tank curvature),  but the first results […]


Shape of fuel tank evolving

As we speak, the first rough design is made in 3D and we are now going into more detail. Overall, the tank shape needs a bit more rounding – especially when viewed from the rear. A little more “curve” and it will become a very sexy tank!  When we are done we can finally determine […]