Early 3D-Shapes

Our man in Hamburg showed us the first 3D-Models. They are proof that we can achieve a tank that will be very close to the original Bezzi-Design.  The original shape is easily recognizable and when we are in luck with the resulting tank capacity, a major stepstone is achieved. See here:


CAD-data – Lower side of fuel tank

Our Sbezzialists at the HaW – Hamburg are realizing the first complex tank shapes. On the news front we can welcome Willi, a Master-Student at the HaW as fourth member of our Sbezzialist teamt. He will design a tank-seat model based on the Bezzi drawing. Illustration zu gestalten. Stefans collegue, Prof. J. Friedhoff, will support […]


Strange Geometry?

The Sbezzialists from the HaW – Hamburg have been asking themselve, this strange geometry? What is it good for? Quiet easy: nothing!