The Sound of Silencers!

We do not like to repeat ourselves, but gladly make an exception: “We asked MassMoto to send us a soundfile?  Would be great, otherwise a long wait until the machine runs back in Germany” The guys at MassMoto were happy to fulfill our every wish – a soundfile was sent quickly. Unfortunately not very long…. Hear for […]


Milestone 1 finished!

Our first milestone is achieved. The exhaust and headers are ready and look rather well. The co-operation with MassMoto – the italian factory – was a pleasure, always competent and friendly in communication. All our request and questions were either rapidly answered or immediately implemented in the product. As we experienced, the people at Mass work […]

Alumodell Tank Unterbau

The fuel tank arises!

Axel has finished the aluminium tank bottom. We hope that the (more interesting) outside of the tank will soon follow. The 3D-design was prepared by one of Axel’s friends. As soon as the tank is tackled we can get started at the rear – much simpler than the tank – we hope!



Es geht weiter bei unserem Krümmer und den Endtöpfen. Nachdem die erste gezeigte Fassung vom Durchmesser der wendeten Rohre her zu klein dimensioniert war  – es waren 45er anstatt vereinbarter 56er min. – haben die Jungs von MassMoto das ganze noch mal neu aufgebaut. Haben die die erste Variante als Test gebaut? Wäre nachvollziehbar, weiß […]


Manifold and silencer

We have got the first pictures of our manifold and the appropriate silencer Just cool, we think ! There are still some bits and bobs like the angle of the silencers or their length, but otherwise really doozy ! We have tried again to crossfade the study as you can see in the cover picture. […]