Front Fender

Ebi has visualized different variants of the front fender. The discussion in our community wether short or long seems to be a question of the origin. The scrap iron drivers rather prefer the long version, the big bikers the short one. I personally prefer the solution in between, the medium version ! We are thinking […]

Rough Cut

Rough Cut Fuel Tank

Axel has “carved” the first rough cut of the fuel tank. You can see the basement, on which the real tank body will be fitted later. This is just the inner wall of the tank. Fortunately the distribution chain is the “right” narrow type with 8,75 mm. Gaskets are still available within the spareholders…there is […]


What do YOU think?

What do YOU think about a kit ? We have been asked from different parties – or shall we say “requested” – to realize a kit. Obviously the design is as pleasing, that many of you could chum up with a kit. For a better strategy we would like to know your opinion. Are there […]


Ace bars and Cockpit

Right now we are reflecting about which ace bars we could use, because clamp width and height are not really trivial. Similarly we have different options for the cockpit ! And also the other stuff like foot rests, brakes, …. has to become concrete. Sorry for the image quality !