Genesis of the 9 1/2 S

We have visualized the form of the 9 ½ S on the base bike by an overlay of the outline and gradually you can recognize, that it works ! There are surely some details to clarify, but the form of the tank should be feasible. Difficulties at the genesis are caused by the dimensions of […]



We took off the pretty tight-fitting clothes – she looks quit naked after the courtyard strip ! For joke we have added some Morini typical custom parts and I have to say: it’ s gonna work ! We inspected her from all sides and couldn’ t find anything alarming. But assure yourself !

Deutsche Morini-Szene

A Word about the German Morini Scene

Although, or even because Morinis ever had an exotic status, a faithful fan base developed pretty early, especially for the V2 models, which can be considered derivatives of the 3 ½, which went on sale in 1973. Due to the revolutionary technology at it’s times (first serial bike with toothed belt controlled distribution and 6-speed […]


There she is, the basis !

Yesterday I’ve allready posted a picture, today I can post some more extras. Andreas and Reinhard were on the road to transfer the 9 1/2 to Andreas at Taunus in a first step. With a little help from Rico it goes directly to Axel to Delmenhorst. She is at her final destination now waiting to […]