Die Basis!

The basis has been bought !

Suddenly all happened very quickly with our basis ! First we had planned to go to Italy next week… has been pulled forward. It seems that some can’ t await to start. The first picture of our “bella macchina” – although she’ s still the duckling !


Social-Media via YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook & Google+

Today the accounts at Youtube and Twitter were established, furthermore we have created an account at Pinterest and Google+ too. If you like you can inform yourself staying up to date in this unrivaled project. If you want to publish pictures at Pinterest too just mail under “info [at] sbezziale [dot] de”, we will setup […]


The Blessing by Mister Bezzi !

Sensational ! Oberdan Bezzi, the father of the design, feels honoured that we choose and want to realize his draft (with some minor changes ). We think this is terrific and we are sure to get some further support by him. He would be pleased to receive a documentation of the evolution…we’ re up for […]


We’ll buy the basis!

In the next days the team of Reinhard and Andreas will go to Italy and acquire our basis. The transport will take place in a station wagon until the Odenwald, afterwards like a relay to Delmenhorst. Rico has offered to assume this and we are very happy. Axel is already waiting impatiently to start the […]


The design is fixed !

In terms of design there isn’ t much to decide, because principally it’ s fixed. The draft from Oberdan Bezzi was slightly refined and adapted, to really get it round and to reflect entirely the timeless elegance of the legendary 3 ½. … tbc …


Spareholder Value !

Things really went quickly ! Initial concerns, if such a project would be financeable and if enough scrap iron drivers could be found to raise the necessary amount of 5.000 – 7.000 €, were rapidly spread. You can’ t achieve such a project – unless you have a cash cow in the garden ! After […]


The Website is generated !

At the beginning Günni and me started a private discussion about the impact of professional marketing. ….It would have the advantage that it would be easier or respectively better to embed sponsors and others. I have built and arranged a homepage on my server – thanks to WordPress. In the meantime Reinhard and Andreas will […]